parallel universe

Yeah people!!! The waiting is over, the existence of another universe that is a parallel universe is no longer a sci-fi, let me give a disclaimer in the beginning itself is that this is only a “possible” answer to an anomaly that has occurred in Antarctica

Lets start from the beginning


Simple saying, a parallel universe is a universe which is similar to our universe but has some different Laws governing them like if sun rises in East and sets in West in a parallel universe it would be reverse or if u are a right handed guy here you would be a lefty there 😂 OK just kidding we don’t know any of it yet, so how did this concept arise? it arose when scientist started taking about multiverse, if a multiverse exists then  the number of possible particle configurations in multiple universes would be limited to 10^10^122 distinct possibilities, with infinite number of cosmic patterns the number should repeat in itself that is when the concept of parallel universe exist

What is this recent discovery?!

The recent booming of parallel universe concept is due to an anomaly which occurred in Antarctica, So there is a Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna(ANITA)

Which is basically a “Scientific balloon” placed 35km above Antarctica, this has a detector which detect particles called “NEUTRINO”, yeah the ghost particles to be precise it detects HIGH ENERGY NEUTRINOS, a normal neutrino does not interact with any particle or atom and passes right through matter, there are like millions of neutrinos passing through you this very second which are emitted by our sun, but HIGH ENERGY NEUTRINOS interact with particles like atoms, so ANITA detects only these high energy neutrinos

Recently there was a discovery that high energy neutrinos was coming out of the surface of Antarctica, so scientist started wondering HOW and WHY is this possible

The first and most probable answer they thought was there must be a source of high energy neutrino near Earth but that assumption was ruled out as there is another neutrino detector inside the icy surface and that should have detected the high energy neutrinos first if it was coming out of the surface but that did not happen

Scientist thought of many ways to answer this question, this was physics beyond our understanding that is when the idea of parallel universe struck them, the theory goes if there is a parallel universe that is running backwards in time then this would explain why HIGH ENERGY NEUTRINOS are coming upwards out of Antarctica’s surface

There is still no proper proof for this but all fingers are crossed and lets hope that the proof will be discovered soon

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