Marvel movies list/ Marvel cinematic universe

Marvel also known as Marvel cinematic universe is one of the most entertaining studios, which produces high budget cinemas and here you can come across all Marvel movie list

It was founded on December 7,1993 which is a subsidiary of WALT DISNEY STUDIOS. Marvel studios is also responsible for the production of MARVEL CINEMATIC STUDIOS. All the marvel movies are based on characters that appear in marvel comics publication, and here is all Marvel movies list

Marvel movies list according to their order is given as below
1- Iron man(2008)
2- The incredible hulk(2008)
3- Iron man 2 (2010)
4- Thor(2011)
5- Captain America: The first avenger(2011) and
6- The avengers(2012)

7- Iron man 3(2013)
8- Thor:The dark world (2013)
9- Captain America: The winter soldier (2014)
10- Guardians of the galaxy(2014)
11- Avengers age of ultron(2018) and
12- Ant-man(2015)

13- Captain America: civil war(2016)
14- Doctor strange (2016)
15- Guardians of the galaxy vol.2(2017)
16- Spider-man:homecoming (2017)
17- Thor:ragnarok(2017)
18- Black panther(2018)
19- Avengers:infinity war(2018)
20- Ant-man and the wasp(2018)
21- Captain marvel(2019)
22- Avengers: Endgame(2019) and
23- Spider-man:Far from home(2019)

24- Black widow(2020)
Black widow should have been released but delayed due to theater close.
Phase-4 movies also include

25-The eternals(2021)

26-shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings(2021)

27-third spider man film(2021)

28-Thor:love & thunder(2022)

29-Doctor strange in the multi verse of madness (2022) and also 8 announced television event series BLACK PANTHER 2(2022) and a captain marvel sequel(2022) are also being filmed.

Others marvel movies like guardians of the galaxy vol.3, captain marvel and Valkyries, the mighty Thor,ant-man vs the masters of evil,warlock, The fantastic four,nova and the wasp escape from the Moroverse.

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