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 coronavirus update, If you are buying a new tech gadget then this article is for you.

If you are trying to buy a new Mobile phone or an iPad or an laptop but worried about the price then this blog might help you a little. This pandemic has changed a lot of things now and will also change lot of things in future. We can’t except our life to get back to normal in months this might take years we just have to cope up with the things and move on, Here are the coronavirus update

We can see that the price for electronic items have been increased in the month of June, but do you think that price might still increase in future and if you are trying to buy a electronic item but are confused with the price going down and up. Then Will clear this out for you.

1- why has the price increased on mobile phones, laptops or any other electronic item

When the whole nation was under lock down for months it is not that company’s which manufactured electronic products were not paying up for anything.

They paid the salaries to their employees, kept paying the money to their mutual companies and so on. So to patch up the loss that occurred during lock down they have increased the prices on recent gadgets.

2-Will the price decrease in future

The companies are now trying to recover their losses and they might increase the price but Due to corona virus many have lost their jobs many are out of their business and many people are seeing gradual decrease in their income so people will try to save some many for future instead wasting it in unnecessary gadgets

So this might be the big reason that the price will reduce.

3-Should I buy it now or later

If you are actually in need of product then it will okay to buy. But if you are worried a little about the price then you should probably wait.

I suggest you too not to buy unnecessary products during this pandemic instead save it for future. You could buy a product when there is season sale on Amazon flipkart etc or wait until things get back to normal

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  1. Shawn R

    Hello! I agree with your opinion that it’s actually wise not to buy any unnecessary products during this covid19 crisis instead save it for the future. Thank you for sharing this kind of post. But what will really happen in the future, that actually can’t be correctly predicted? Right?

    1. JobSeekers Author

      You are absolutely right !!


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